Spring day walk in Serbia

My wife and I take a walk everyday year around.

We think it is important and healthy.

This is the different between living in Serbia and living in Hawaii. I didn’t walk every day while I was in Hawaii. We drove more than we walked.


And now spring has arrived.

We are living in the Serbian city of Chackak ( Serbian spelling is Čačak).

Here are some pictures of our walk the other day from the city.



Hello dear readers.

One of the things that pleasantly surprised me when I first came to Serbia was that I saw young kids walking around

and playing outside without parents at around at 11:00 pm. Now this is something I have seldom seen in Hawaii or other places in the USA. Of course I thought this was just an isolated incident, but it turned out not to be the case at all. Every city/town I went through or stopped in I saw young kids walking around at all hours without fear.

So this tells me one very important thing.

Kids here have a freedom that cannot not be found In the US or Hawaii . Playing outside in the park, by the river without parents nearby is something that is amazing to watch. Kids here are really independent from a very young age, mind you it’s not that their parents do not care about them. The fact of the matter is simply they are much safer here.

We were carefree and happy in Hawaii when I was growing up. We went by the unwritten rule. When the street lights

came on it was time to get your tail home ( my dad used to say ) Otherwise we played where we wanted to and went everyplace on the island. Even though our parents would have kittens ( well not really but you can imagine ) if they knew of some of the crazy and dangerous things my older brother and I did.

We only were out after dark if we were with family or with friends and their parents, so some of you can probably can relate to some of what I have written here. People were very different in that time also. They were I like to think more like how people are now in Serbia: neighbors would bring you home if they saw you doing something wrong, so your parents could hear what you did, which is a shame worse than the spanking you got .

This is how it used to be in Hawaii, and it is still some what like that here in Serbia

Faster than my sister.

Drinking Serbian Coffee

Let’s speak about something of a serious nature Coffee! Yes something that everyone either loves or not, here in Coffee or as it’s called here in Serbia  kafa ( pronounced KAh Fa), Is a socially binding drink very much like beer is with sports fans.
It has its very own unique culture, and cafe’s are called Kafić ( pronounced KAH FEE ITCH ). They  are all over the country, in every village and small hamlet  and everyone has their favorite place to drink kafa outside of their home.
My favorite place is by the river that runs on the outskirts of the city where I live, it’s not quite a beach in Hawaii but I have to make do with what I have right?

Normally cafe’s here in Serbia do not sell sweets like they do in the states, which is another good thing for me because chocolate brownies are old childhood friends that I have a very hard time saying no to.

Going out to drink coffee in Hawaii usually means going to Starbucks,  Coffee-bean, and or Seattle’s best coffee shop chains. And I miss some aspects of those coffee shop chains, but since I have been here I completely understand where the concept came from, in Europe coffee cafes are a cultural thing.  Italy and the whole Mediterranean area is famous for this, as are some other countries in Europa which of course made me want to write about this.

Serbian coffee ( or Turkish) is a finely ground type which is made by boiling water in a small kettle called a Jezva ( Pronounced J  EH Z V AH ) when the water comes to a rolling boil add the desired amount of grounds, and wait for it to boil up.
Pour directly into your cup, add sugar or some milk and there you have it, and if you find yourself drinking this kind of coffee just be careful not to gulp down the last of the coffee because you will get something similar to a mouthful of mud!

Filter coffee is hard to find in kafanas here and in the stores it’s a bit pricey, not to mention the fact that filter coffee machines are not easy to find here in Serbia. But espresso coffee is very popular and wide spread. They serve it with or without hot or cold milk and the taste is nice and strong.

My favorite place to drink coffee espresso at the river Morava


Hawaiian Food vs Serbian Food

Food in Hawaii is influenced by the many different nations that make Hawaii their home, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, one thing which comes to mind is a traditional Hawaiian luau ( Pronounced LUU OW )  where they serve a  whole baked/steamed pig.

Laulau ( pronounced L AH OW L AH OW )  tea leaves wrapped around spinach leaves  which are

Hawaiina Food

lau lau

wrapped around big pieces of pork,beef,chicken,butterfish and it is steamed, and served with POI, lomi lomi salmon and other Hawaiian side dishes.

POI ( pronounced P OIE ) which is made from a Taro plant ( like Tara just with an O at the end ) that is a native plant to Hawaii and is grown in standing water. Of course this is just something from Hawaii’s history and its cultural background

Many things are served raw ( HUH!?)  yes you heard right raw, relax folks this means seafood, fish -raw cut into cubes is called POKI ( pronounced POH KEY ) raw fish cut into longer thin strips is called sashimi Japanese word ( pronounced  SAH SHE ME ), octopus, crabs, shrimp are eaten raw, sushi is highly popular it combines both raw and cooked fish and seafood

 Lomi Lomi salmon ( pronounced LOW ME LOW ME )  fish, fresh tomatoes chopped fine,maui onions,green onions,  (Lomi Lomi in Hawaiian means to massage) yes I know salmon is not a native fish to Hawaii but it is much easier to buy canned salmon to make this dish than it is to go out and catch some similar fish around the islands.

White rice is a staple in Hawaii and mostly all pacific islands, macaroni salad ? say what? Yes they like to serve that as a side dish with many local foods. Bread is not commonly eaten like it is in the mainland USA.

Serbian food

 ( WOW there is soooo many great foods to write about ) is very diverse and something that must be tried to really appreciate it, one cannot get the same thing in 99.9% of the planet.

Let’s start off by talking about bread  yes  bread here is out of this world! one could only dream about eating such beautiful bread that they are selling here in Serbia. It costs less than bread in Hawaii and is much healthier, all the chemicals and additives that make sliced bread in Hawaii taste so nice and keep for almost a week is not used in the bread industry here.

Sarma (cabbage roll) pronounced S AR MAH think of it as something similar to pig in a blanket) is a national dish here and comes in different wrappings and different fillings. Its is slow cooked in a large pot , and can be served with a sourmilk type of condiment which would most commonly be zelene sarma ( Pronounced Z EH LENNY  S ARH MAH ) and trust me after you eat this dish you will never forget it.  

Living in Serbia

Sarma (cabbage roll)

Beans are very very popular here, I love beans since I grew up eating them ( better than liver YUK!) called PASULJ (pronounced PASS SOOL ) common variety are white kidney beans along with pinto type beans, yellow string beans and peas.


Pasulj is made here in two basic ways, fasting period ( Posno) without meat and non fast (Mrsno) with meat, one version of fasting is made with just water and spices before holy communion and when it is called for according to the church calendar. It can also be prepared with oil and still be fasting period food.

 Pork-Pecenje ( pronounced PEH CHEN YAY) is the whole pig roasted over charcoal chopped up and served warm and cold, with Lepinje type of flatbread ( pronounced LEH PEEN YAY ) chopped onions,cabbage salad with tomatoes, hot peppers.  

There are too many to go into here, but it is something that has to be tried but I advise caution when eating Serbian food. You may just become a junkie for it, because it can be a life

Living in Serbia

Serbian Barbecue

changing experience.

Serbian people are very serious about their national foods, they even wrote songs about Sarma, Pecenje,Pasulj.

That in itself is something special that you cannot just dismiss as run of the mill, which is what you can get with many types of foods around the world.