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I’m Duane Snay from Honolulu, Hawaii and I am currently living in Serbia (not Siberia – Serbia is above Greece…. ) which is also where my wonderful wife is from.

My wife and I are very involved in positive thoughts and how someone can really turn their life around by just using the power of their  mind.

My background is in the Automotive Industry and Shipyard Maritime/Military Industry.

I am a father to one child who is now grown up ( and doesn’t need dad to beat up monsters under the bed anymore ) and husband to a wonderful wife , which I like to think gives me a different perspective on life in general.

Duane Snay

Duane Snay

Growing up in Hawaii we did not worry about things that people in other states or countries worry about when the seasons change, such as trying to get wood for heating etc.

Of course things have changed and living in Serbia which is a 4 season zone you are preparing winter clothes and storing your spring/summer clothes, unlike Hawaii which is 2 seasons and you have your shorts and t-shirts.

Even though I live now in a completely different place, in my heart I am still that skinny little hapa boy playing in the sand and chasing crabs on the sunny beaches of Hawaii. That being as such, I find it quite interesting and amusing at time to compare my Hawaii with my new home country Serbia. So come along with me as I try to figure out how things are similar, but yet very different on the other side of the planet from Hawaii.

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Living in Serbia

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