Hello dear readers.

One of the things that pleasantly surprised me when I first came to Serbia was that I saw young kids walking around

and playing outside without parents at around at 11:00 pm. Now this is something I have seldom seen in Hawaii or other places in the USA. Of course I thought this was just an isolated incident, but it turned out not to be the case at all. Every city/town I went through or stopped in I saw young kids walking around at all hours without fear.

So this tells me one very important thing.

Kids here have a freedom that cannot not be found In the US or Hawaii . Playing outside in the park, by the river without parents nearby is something that is amazing to watch. Kids here are really independent from a very young age, mind you it’s not that their parents do not care about them. The fact of the matter is simply they are much safer here.

We were carefree and happy in Hawaii when I was growing up. We went by the unwritten rule. When the street lights

came on it was time to get your tail home ( my dad used to say ) Otherwise we played where we wanted to and went everyplace on the island. Even though our parents would have kittens ( well not really but you can imagine ) if they knew of some of the crazy and dangerous things my older brother and I did.

We only were out after dark if we were with family or with friends and their parents, so some of you can probably can relate to some of what I have written here. People were very different in that time also. They were I like to think more like how people are now in Serbia: neighbors would bring you home if they saw you doing something wrong, so your parents could hear what you did, which is a shame worse than the spanking you got .

This is how it used to be in Hawaii, and it is still some what like that here in Serbia

Faster than my sister.

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